Universal Leadership Traits: One question to ask yourself today!

“Universal Leadership Traits” by Colleen Sharen

There are several attributes that are universally believed to foster good leadership:

•Demonstrating trustworthiness, a sense of justice and honesty

•Having foresight and planning ahead

•Encouraging, motivating, and building confidence

•Being positive and dynamic

•Being communicative, informed, a coordinator, a team integrator and builder

There are traits that are universally viewed as detrimental to the practice of good leadership:

•Being a loner and asocial

•Being irritable and uncooperative

•Imposing your views upon others

And finally there are traits that are “culturally contingent endorsements of leader attributes”:

•Being individualistic

•Constantly conscious of status

•Taking risks

Now, one question to ask yourself today….

What are THREE things you do on a daily basis that keep you growing and learning as a leader?


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