An Elite Training Facility for Competitive Athletes and Active Adults.




KSM Sports and Fitness prepares collegiate and professional athletes for their upcoming athletic seasons. Our training programs focus on improving overall strength, speed, agility and maximizing an athlete’s overall athletic performance to take them to the next level. 


NFL Combine

The KSM Sports and Fitness Indoor NFL COMBINE program is based on results -driven methodologies, uniquely suited to the needs of each athlete. The combination of individualized attention along with intense group sessions gives athletes the “total package’ opportunity to focus on improvement in areas most needed for Combine test day. Our training programs are geared toward improving speed, strength, and skills specific to the testing at the Scouting Combine. KSM Athletes reap the benefits, and results will be marked by improvement in speed, strength and body composition.

Standardized Athlete Testing (SAT®)

​KSM Sports and Fitness is authorized to provide Certified Standardized Athlete Testing (SAT®). You will receive your own Athlete Performance Goal Report, an expanded assessment report on how to reach your goals, a pre-programmed “It’s on You®” RFID Wristband, and more. 

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KSM Athletic Training

Speed and agility is designed for youth, middle and high school athletes looking to improve on their speed and agility skills.  Plans include options for training one to four times per week. Training sessions are limited to fifteen individuals per session, so get individualized coaching and training by our expert coaches.

Adult Fitness & Bootcamp

Looking to make time for YOU? Join other adults who are wanting to be pushed, challenged and get stronger! At KSM everyone is considered an ATHLETE and TRAINS like one!

One-on-One Personal Training

Working out with a personal trainer has been proven to boost your attitude and physical activity, teach you new techniques, and help you stick to a fitness routine when you are tempted to quit. It is important for you to set health and fitness goals and determine the results you want to achieve. KSM Sports and Fitness trainers will guide you in this process and help you reach your goals.

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Family Fitness

KSM is all about family, fun, and fitness! Having a hard time fitting workouts in to your daily busy lives. Why not work out as a family? KSM offers family fitness for kids 6 and up and parents. Have fun and workout together as a family!

Running Technique

Train with Kenny Stafford to learn running mechanics and improve your overall running skills and technique. 


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