3 lists I try to live by each day…

Here are 3 lists that I try to live by each day…

Three Things that Can Make Someone’s Day:


2.Say Hello.

3.Try to do one selfless act every day.

Three Things to Help if you Feel Down or Have a Bad Day:

1.Take three deep breaths and smile at the next person you see.

2 Get a good workout to release endorphins.

3.Do something that you love to do.

Three Things to Remember:

•Your time is precious; manage your time.

Life is not greener on the other side.

Monitor the people around you. Someone on your team or group could be toxic. What are you going to do? Turn to the tools in The Winner’s Toolbox to help you handle these types of situations.

Ryan C. Kunk is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and personal trainer with a love for teaching eager individuals to achieve unfailing strength—internally and externally. Learn more at: ksmsportsandfitness.com

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