The SHREDmill Drop In

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The SHREDmilll is KSM’s newest athletic tool to help athletes with their running technique, speed and explosiveness.


KSM’s Running Technique sessions focus to improve on your running form and being able to adjust your speed at any time while you play your sport. KSM’s Running Technique session have the ability to translate to any sport.

About the session:

  • Learn to run with the correct form, while engaging your core, with correct pressure through the ground and eliminating false steps
  • Each session will focus on the athletes running technique based on three phases.
    • Drive
    • Transition
    • Cycle
  • The three phases will incorporate drills that translate to the athletes sport. A KSM trainer will help teach the athlete how to smoothly put these phases all together to gain separation on the field and court from other athletes
  • Proper running form and being able to adjust your speed is key to being able to gain separation on the field or court!

The SHREDmill is a unique speed training “treadmill” to help develop athletes speed.  What makes the SHREDmill the ‘IT’ training tool is:

  • It’s self-powered by the athlete. The SHREDmill has a patented magnetic resistance system that can resistance running stride and power.
  • In time data about the athletes running form, power, and stride length/ frequency with efficiency.
  • A key training tool for indoor training focused on stride length, stride power, acceleration, conditioning, and form.

Additional details:

  • All packages must be used in the week purchased. Sessions will not roll over to the next week
  • Participants must sign the KSM waiver prior to attending training session. Sign waiver here
  • Must cancel your attendance 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the session. Read more about KSM’s cancellation policy here


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