Adult Fitness Drop-in

From: $25.00

Must cancel your training session 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the session. 


Adult Fitness is designed to welcome all fitness levels. A mix of cardio and strength training, your KSM trainer will maximize your workout so you can achieve maximum results. Our certified trainers are with you the entire class, meeting where you are in your fitness journey and ensuring you reach your fitness potential!

Your KSM trainer will demostrate each movement, technique and modifications to meet each class participant where they are and build their fitness level from there. Music will keep you energized, make the atmosphere fun, and keep you moving and your KSM trainer will support you, keep you on track and take you to your next fitness level.

The KSM Adult Fitness class focuses on the three L’s:

  • Learn it: Learn and master the move!
  • Lift it: Lift the weight many times and become comfortable with the weighted movement.
  • Load it: Load the weight and become stronger as your progress your weight up.

Our Adult Fitness schedule is focused each day to ensure that you receive a comprehensive training routine!

  • Monday: Lower body
  • Wednesday: Total body
  • Friday: Upper body
  • Saturday: HIIT

Additional details:

  • Participants must sign the KSM waiver prior to attending training session. Sign waiver here
  • Must cancel your attendance 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the session. Read more about KSM’s cancellation policy here


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