Lifestyle Change for a Lifetime

Lifestyle Coaching

Weight Loss

Carrying around excess weight can be uncomfortable and damaging to your health. In fact, it has been proven that individuals who are overweight are at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, back pain, stroke, and osteoarthritis. KSM Sports and Fitness provides weight loss coaching to ensure you lose weight safely and effectively using a balance of workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching tailored to your specific needs.

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AMP UP Sports Nutrition is a company created for ATHLETES on the COME UP! Whether you are a student athlete with big dreams, or a manster triathlete still competing for your personal best, we are here to FUEL + SUPPORT YOU in your personal quest for greatness.  Let’s AMP UP!
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Health & Wellness Coaching

Certified holistic health and wellness coach, Kristen Kunk, believes every person is capable of curating a healthy, nourishing and balanced life. She is here to help guide, support and keep you accountable to achieve your health, weight loss and lifestyle goals. She focuses on helping you create sustainable habit change so you can find a healthy balance with food, fitness and life.

Work with Kristen two ways: Pantry/Refrigerator Clean Up and Health and Wellness Coaching. 



Certified Diabetes Coach, Nicole Kunk, takes a real and practical approach to living well with diabetes and provides one-on-one coaching to help diabetes patients to face these fears and challenges with a positive and practical lifestyle. She will help you create a plan that not only helps you maintain your health, but optimize it for a lifetime!

Delay the Disease

KSM Sports and Fitness now offers group exercise for people with Parkinson’s. Delay the Disease™ is an evidenced-based fitness program designed to empower those living with Parkinson’s disease by optimizing their physical function and helping to delay the progression of symptoms.

Renew Active

Renew Active by United Healthcare is available at KSM. Stay fit, sharp and ready for what’s next. The fitness program for body and mind exclusively for United Healthcare Medicare plans. Contact us to learn more and schedule.


Total Body Activation Therapy

BeActivate is a dynamic new healing technique designed to strengthen and align the body, reduce tension, revitalize brain power, and instantly brings relief and healing to long-standing muscle and joint pain. Book your 70 Minute appointment today. Session Packages available.

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The Perfect Posture Pack

Injuries can occur anywhere at any time – on the athletic field due to improper technique, in the office due to “sitting disease”, or at home when you bend down to tie your shoes. KSM Sports and Fitness offers The Perfect Posture Pack, a proven tool to help strengthen and relieve back pain and to ensure you proactively practice injury prevention.


DA’ SHOT DR. is designed to improve the quality of shots in sports such as ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and tennis. It improves core strength, rotation, and speed.


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