To avoid being charged a late fee, you must cancel your class reservation 24 hours in advance. No exceptions.

Unlimited Clients: Unlimited clients who late cancel or don’t show up will be charged $10.

4x, 8x, & 12x per month clients: Package must be used within the month or classes will be lost. Classes do not rollover to the next month. A late cancel or no-show will cause these clients to lose the class.

Drop-in clients: A late cancel or no-show will be charged for the class and not recieve a refund or a make-up class.

There are no exceptions to this policy. KSM will not reverse a late cancel once the 24-hour window has passed. Please understand that while we know things come up, but to be fair and consistent with all KSM clients, we can not make an exception, regardless of the scenario. Please do not email or call us requesting a refund for a late cancel or no show.

We ask all KSM clients respect this policy and encourage our clients to be responsible for their schedule so that class spots can be utilized by those who fully intend on attending.


  • Please be sure to sign in to class when you arrive at KSM. If you do not sign in, KSM has no way of knowing that you attended class and you will be automatically charged.

  • Sign into your KSM account and check your class schedule for the week to ensure you are still able to attend. If not, make sure to cancel 24-hours in advance. 

  • Plan ahead – schedule class ahead of time to make sure you get in the class times that fit your schedule.


All monthly memberships will charge the account 1-month after the contract begins. You may cancel you membership at anytime but will be charged one final month. To cancel your KSM membership, a written 30-day notice must be submitted to cancel. Email to cancel.