What Controls Attitudes? It’s a Choice!

How to Develop a High School Athlete-Part 2

How many of you have had a bad attitude that affected the energy of an entire room but failed to realize it until someone said something to you? Here is a phrase which helps me a evaluate and adjust my attitude when needed. “What Controls Attitudes?” by Dick Vermeil Attitudes are controlled by choice. The […]

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Are you ready to work hard for the life you desire?

To build your foundation, you need to make sure you’re ready for hard work. According to Vince Lombardi, “Man’s greatest hour—his greatest fulfillment—is that moment when he has worked his heart out and for a good cause and lies exhausted but victorious on the field of battle.” Napoleon Hill said, “Only those who have the habit […]

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5 Tips for Working Out in the Winter

 Don’t let this winter hold you back! Let me first say hi! I’m Ryan’s wife Nicole. Going forward, sometimes Ryan will write the blog and other times, I will. We feel we can both share different perspectives and thoughts with you when it comes to fitness, health and life! I want to share with you […]

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Roll Tide… Epic Overtime Comeback!

If you watched the end of the Alabama vs. Georgia game last night, you saw an epic overtime comeback! One of the best games I have seen in a while! I have always been a Nick Saban fan for many reasons. I love the leadership and life principles he continues to teach his young athletes, […]

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9 Tips to Help YOU Have the Best Year Yet

 Are you looking to have the best year of your life? Some dread this time of year where others thrive, reinvent, grow, and conquer goals they never thought possible. This year how about challenge yourself to be the ONE who creates goals and dreams that your excited about? Why stress about a New Year’s resolution, or […]

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