10 Ideas to Jump Start Writing

In order to have strong mental health, it is important to set goals for yourself, continue to be challenged, and regularly evaluate your progress. That’s why the first thing that I always tell people I mentor is “Get a notebook, and start writing.”

You can start by writing down topics like your dreams, your desires, and lifestyle changes you hope to achieve. The time of day, where you sit down to write, and the format you use are all up to you. The first step is to start writing and getting your thoughts down on paper. A stronger structure will develop the more you write. Set aside a specific time to write, think, and meditate.

The best time to write is in the morning hours; your mind is less cluttered, as your day has not kicked in yet. Take your time. What we are doing is getting to know ourselves; building a relationship. It might take a while.

If your mindset is “daily writing is a nuisance,” shift it to “I can’t wait to write.”

Ideas to jump-start your writing:

•Record your dreams (the ones that take place while you sleep, not so much your conscious dreams and goals).

•How compassionate am I?

•This morning I feel…

•I’m always daydreaming about…

•My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to….

•The thoughts that rattle around in my head are…

•My soul longs to…

•What I’m most afraid of is…

•My inner critic tells me…

•What I’m most grateful for is…

Ryan C. Kunk is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and personal trainer with a love for teaching eager individuals to achieve unfailing strength—internally and externally. Learn more at: ksmsportsandfitness.com


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