Seven Benefits of Weight Loss

Seven Benefits of Weight Loss

Research proves that individuals who are overweight are at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, back pain, stroke, and osteoarthritis.

Losing weight is a combination of exercise and a healthy diet, as we all know. Once you have mastered this combination, it is likely you and others will notice changes in your physical appearance.

However, what some people fail to realize are the numerous health benefits shedding excess fat has on the body.

Once you make the necessary lifestyle changes, as recommended by KSM Sports and Fitness, you will see that your weight loss goals will begin to fall into place. At that point, you can be proud of yourself because you are taking steps towards a healthy life.

Here is a list of potential benefits from weight loss:

  1. More Friends

Fit people tend to participate in outdoor activities. They are fun to be around and sociable. It is likely you will make friends playing sports or in a group fitness class. You may even find a gym buddy and schedule workouts together.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Normal blood pressure should read between 120/80 and 140/90. Weight has an adverse effect on these readings. The resulting high blood pressure can lead to serious health issues such as heart attack or stroke. For many, losing weight is a positive lifestyle change that helps to lower blood pressure.

  1. Lower Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol raises your chance for heart attacks and heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends that everyone over the age of 20 have his or her cholesterol levels checked every four to six years, depending on other risk factors (everyday health). Weight loss is a positive lifestyle change that helps lower cholesterol, raise your HDL, and lower your triglyceride levels.

  1. Improved Immune System

According to Live Science, “excess fat around the abs can turn the body’s defense system against you, leading to heart and other diseases. Australian researchers found that, for obese individuals, shedding just 10 pounds could straighten out an off-balance immune system.”

  1. More Energy

Excess weight puts a strain on your body that makes you tired. Once you have lost the weight, you will feel lighter, happier, and more energized. Also, to lose weight, one must eat healthy and exercise – and being active has been proven to help increase energy.

  1. Better Sleep

Harvard Health Publications examines how losing weight and belly fat improves sleep. They explain, researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said if you are carrying extra pounds, especially around your belly, losing weight will help you get better sleep.

“We do know that fat deposited around the abdomen, called visceral fat, is associated with heart disease, diabetes, dementia, breast and colon cancers, and other chronic health conditions. Losing belly fat, then, seems like a logical way to improve not only sleep but also improve overall health (Harvard Health Publications).”

  1. Feel Great about Yourself

Losing weight will help you feel more confident. People will start telling you how awesome you look, which will make you feel great and give you the motivation you need to keep going. Your happiness will also come from success. There is nothing better than knowing your hard work is paying off.

The trainers at KSM Sports and Fitness closely watch your weight loss and help to monitor your health through regular training routines. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your personal trainer. They are there to help you on your journey to fitness.

KSM Sports and Fitness provides weight loss coaching to ensure you lose weight safely and effectively using a balance of workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching tailored to your specific needs. If you do not have a trainer and would like more information, please click here for a free consultation.

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